Looking for a side hustle to earn some extra income? Trying to pay for your monthly truck payment or take yourself on a nice vacation? This article contains methods for making a side income in your free time using your pickup truck. The best part is you’ll be your own boss getting to choose when you want to work and when you want to relax.

If you own your own pickup truck and want to earn extra money. Then, continue reading on because this article is for you.

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If you’re looking for a passive way of making extra income advertising is a fantastic way. But, before choosing an advertising company. Do your research and be sure they’re legitimate.
Two trusted vehicle advertising companies are Carvertise and Wrapify.
Wrapify pays based on the amount you drive and distance travel. They pay up to $450 USD a month for driving your vehicle around as you do your normal tasks.
Carvertise pays a flat rate of $100 USD per month. But, they sometimes have special offers paying a flat rate of up to $200 USD every month. Also, Carvertise will sometimes offer special jobs. Jobs where you park your vehicle in a certain location earning up to $30 USD.
If you’re fine with driving around in your vehicle covered in ads. Then, Carvertise and Wrapify are two excellent companies for earning some passive income.
This one will need a bit of prep work on your part.
Head out to small businesses in your area. The ones that would improve with the ability to offer delivery services. Reach out to the owners of these businesses. Offering your pickup truck and services to do deliveries for a fee.
You could deliver items for garage sales as well. Drive around town and check for any flyers listing coming up garage sales or ones currently going on. Talk to the owners and offer them your time and truck to deliver the items that people buy from their sale.
Another method for raising awareness of your delivery services. Is to hand out flyers or to create a website.
UberEats is a food delivery service that operates in the majority of US cities. The average pay is $14 USD an hour. But, a fantastic thing with UberEats is they offer InstantPay. This is a direct payment method after you’ve finished your delivery and can use it up to 5 times a day.
The requirements to work for UberEats are:
  • Must be legal driving age
  • Vehicle must be 1998 or older
  • Valid drivers license, insurance and registration
  • Must have 1-year driving experience
GrubHub is one of the largest food delivery services available that you could work for. It’s available almost anywhere in the United States.
GrubHub pays an average of $10 USD an hour but the pay ranges between $5 to $25. A bonus with GrubHub is that you get to keep all the tips that you earn on your deliveries.
The requirements to deliver for GrubHub are:
  • Must be legal driving age
  • Valid drivers license, insurance and registration
  • Pass a background check
  • Have at least 2 years of driving experience
  • Own a phone with the GrubHub app
Postmates is another great delivery service for working on your own time. 
They pay an average of $10 USD an hour. But, you get to keep 100% of your tips. 
They offer the ability to be able for an instant cash out right after you finished your delivery. You can check out the payment calculation here.
Another large food delivery service is DoorDash. They are available all over the United States and a few places in Canda. To see a complete list of cities Doordash is available in click here.
The average Doordash drivers earn $10 USD an hour but you get to keep 100% of the tips that you earn.
The requirements to drive for Doordash are:
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Valid drivers license, insurance and registration
  • Pass a background check
  • Own a smartphone with the Doordash app
If you don’t want to deliver food. Amazon Flex offers you the chance to deliver packages instead. It’s available in a select few cities at the moment but is expanding at a rapid pace.
Amazon Flex pays its drivers $18 – $25 USD an hour with the opportunity to collect more from tips.
The requirements to drive for Amazon Flex are:
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Valid drivers license, registration and insurance
  • Pass a background check
  • Must have a 4-door vehicle
  • Must have a phone with the Amazon Flex app
Roadie is a platform that lets people take on deliveries and earn some side cash from it. It’s a completely free network that works with both businesses and individuals. This means there are lots of opportunities for deliveries to make some extra money.
For shorter trips and local gigs, Roadie pays between $8 – $50 USD. Meanwhile, for longer trips, you can make up to $650 USD by delivering using Roadie.
Click here to see the requirements to drive for Roadie.
CitizenShipper is an online shipping platform. Where people post the items that need delivering and a destination. You then contact them and negotiate a price and how to pick up the items.
CitizenShipper is $24.99 USD every month to be able to use their platform. But, with a monthly fee, there is less competition to compete for clients with you. They do offer a 3-month trial for you to test out their platform before making a decision.
If you’ve never heard of Hot Shot Trucking. It’s best described as medium-duty vehicles, delivering time-sensitive items to a certain destination. Usually, you’d be delivering smaller items shorter distances that wouldn’t make sense for a big rig truck.
You’ll need some equipment to transform your truck and you may need a CDL license. But, if you already own a truck and trailer you won’t need too much.
Interested in learning more and starting your own Hot Shot Trucking business? Click here
If you’re looking for truck accessories at a great price click here.
Another great method to make some side cash is to start ridesharing. To get started, you can register for one of the many great ridesharing companies online. Two great choices are Uber and Lyft. They are both available in a large number of cities and offer competitive pay.
Since pickup trucks are expensive to own and drive. The majority of people don’t own a vehicle that they can use when moving houses. This makes offering moving services a fantastic method of making some extra cash. Having a trailer would be an asset as you’d be able to carry more per trip.
If you need some help getting started offering moving services. There are a couple of different online companies that you can do moving on your own time for.
Dolly is a moving company that you can register for online. With Dolly, you’re able to choose the hours that you want to work.
They pay up to $30 USD an hour for your moving services. But, currently, you can only work for Dolly in a few cities with plans for a rapid expansion of their services. To see if Dolly is available in your city click here.
Requirements to work for Dolly are:
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Have a valid drivers license, insurance and registration
  • Pass a background check
  • Own a Smartphone with the Dolly app
  • Must be able to lift at least 75 lbs
Bungii is another small moving company that you can register for to work on your own time. They are currently only available in a couple of cities with plans to expand.
Fantastic pay up to $40 USD an hour for your moving services.
Requirements to work for Bungii:
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a valid drivers license, insurance and registration
  • Must be able to lift at least 100 lbs
  • Vehicle must be 2004 or newer
  • Need 4 ratchet straps, 2 moving blankets, two bungee cords and a tarp
  • Must know the proper way to secure items down
GoShare is a larger online moving company that you can work for in your free time. They pay very well compared to other companies. The rate you’re paid depends on what size of a truck you drive.
A standard pickup truck pays up to $47.52 USD an hour.
Large pickup trucks or cargo vans pay up to $61.92 USD an hour.
Box trucks can pay up to $71.52 USD an hour.
The requirements to work for GoShare in your free time are:
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Vehicle must be 2004 or newer
  • Pass a background check
  • Own a valid drivers license, insurance and registration
  • Smartphone with the GoShare app
Another good company is the newer moving company BuddyTruk. They pay up to $40 USD an hour. Currently, they are only available in Los Angeles, Orange County, Austin and San Marcos.
Post online in your community offering your pickup truck. Offer people your services to collect their garbage and yard waste. Then, bring it to the drop off location. 
Be sure to negotiate a fair price. Based on your time, wear and tear to your vehicle and the gas.
In bigger areas, most construction crews will have delivery services of their own. But, if you live in a smaller area or there’s a lot of smaller construction companies in your area. This could be a perfect opportunity for you.
Head over to any construction sites in your area and ask to speak with the owner. Ask the owner if they need any extra delivery or cleanup services. Be sure to negotiate a price that is fair to you for the wear and tear on your vehicle and gas consumption.
If you have a vehicle or pickup truck that you don’t drive that often. Renting it out could be a perfect way to make some side income.
It may be weird at first letting somebody drive your vehicle. Also, you need to be sure that the person who’s renting your vehicle will take care of it.
There are 2 great companies that will pay you to rent out your pickup truck. These companies are Turo and GetAround.
GetAround is a newer and smaller company than Turo. But, you can still make up to an extra $1000 USD a month by renting out your vehicle through them.
Currently, GetAround is only available in a select amount of cities in the United States. To see the list of cities GetAround is available in click here.
Turo is a trusted company that has been operating for a while. You can register for Turo if you’re anywhere in the United States. Also, in certain provinces in Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany.
A great thing about renting out your vehicle through Turo. They offer 1 million USD in liability insurance. Also, every single vehicle renter is pre-screened ahead of time. This means that only trusted drivers can rent your vehicle.
The amount of extra income you can make using Turo is dependent on the type of vehicle that you drive. To check out how much money you could earn each month check out the Turo Carculator.
To see if your truck is eligible for renting out using Turo. Head over to their eligibility conditions page.
A fantastic way to make some extra money on the side is by chopping down logs and selling them. For this, you’ll need a chainsaw and owning a trailer would be an asset.
The first step is to find out where it’s legal to cut down trees. Head out to the city hall or talk to somebody who knows about what is legal to chop.
After you know what you can cut without worries of a fine. Go to the bush cut down trees and sell the wood by the cord offering delivery service to the buyer for an extra fee.
Nobody likes to shovel their driveways in the winter. That makes offering snow removal services an excellent winter side hustle.
Before you get started offering snow removal services. You’ll need to invest in a plow package for your truck. One of these tow packages will run you between $2000 – $4000 USD. They’re available in a variety of weights and sizes so be sure to buy the correct one for your pickup.
You can save money on a plow kit for your truck here.
Make sure to get proper insurance to avoid getting sued because of a slip or fall.
For a complete guide on how to start plowing in your pickup truck click here.
Collecting scrap metal is an excellent way of making some extra money. To get started head over to Craigslist, local Facebook groups or drive around town looking for scrap metal. Collect all the metal you can find and then bring it into wherever you can sell it in your city. Some places will pay up to $2 a pound for some types of metal.
For a complete guide on how to get started scrapping. Check out this guide for the best things to scrap for side money.
Starting to offer landscaping services offers an initial investment. But, you can start small and start to offer more services as you earn money from your business.
Before you get started, check around your area at how much competition is in landscaping.
To find landscaping clients, you can create a business Facebook page. Also, other social medias are a great free method of promotion.
Other methods for attracting new clients as you grow. Include local paid advertising and flyers that you can post around your neighbourhood.
Some landscaping services that you can offer are:
  • Sod
  • Mowing Lawns
  • Raking
  • Aerating
  • Mulching
  • Trimming Trees
  • Transporting dirt and soil
To learn more about how to start offering landscaping services click here.
Driving statistics according to Statista. In the United States, over 200 million vehicles got registered in the year 2017 alone. With such a large number of motorized vehicles on the roads, there’s sure to be lots of people breaking down. Offering you the chance to capitalize on owning a pickup truck and tow them to the nearest garage.
To tow other vehicles you’ll need a wheel lift or tow cables and a pickup truck capable of towing. If you want to charge extra make yourself available outside of peak times. These times are nights, weekends and holidays.
To find clients for your towing services. Start yourself a facebook page, advertise in local newspapers and other social media channels. But, before you get started towing. Be sure to register as a business and get insurance in case anything goes wrong.
Check out this article for everything you’ll need to start your own towing business.
If there’s an upcoming Christmas parade or any other parades in your area. Contact local clubs and organizations that might be participating in the parade. But, don’t have anything to tow their float or create their parade float from.
Offer these people services such as being able to decorate your truck and trailer for the parade. Then, offering to drive the truck through the parade. Meanwhile, they promote their business or club.
Flipping is the act of buying items at a low price and selling them higher. In turn, earning yourself a nice little profit along the way.
You can find these items by going around to garage sales, facebook marketplace, Craigslist and other online marketplaces.
Seeing as you own a pickup truck. You have the convenience of being able to pick up larger items or carry more smaller items.
For a great article to guide you on getting started flipping click here.
This one is not truck-related. But, side jobs are still a great side hustle to take on for some extra spending money.
To get started head over to an online marketplace or your local Facebook community. Then, make a post saying that you’re offering your time and pickup truck for some extra spending money. Be sure to list out any skills you think that would be of use and things you can do.
Some online places you can look for side jobs are:

Here are 9 fantastic ways to make extra money with a big truck:

  • Hot Shot Trucking
  • Snow Plowing
  • Car Towing Services
  • Offering Moving Services
  • Delivering Packages
  • Starting a Local Landscaping Business
  • Yard Waste & Garbage Removal 
  • Collecting Scrap Metal
  • Flipping Items


How much you earn depends on what you’re doing, area you’re located in and how much work you put into it.

  • Doing deliveries and waste removal services you can make between 20 – 80 dollars. 
  • Owning your own snowplowing or landscaping business you could make a couple thousand a month in time.

Here are 9 fantastic side hustles to earn money with a pickup truck:

  • Hot Shot Trucking
  • Snow Plowing
  • Car Towing Services
  • Offering Moving Services
  • Delivering Packages
  • Starting a Local Landscaping Business
  • Yard Waste & Garbage Removal 
  • Collecting Scrap Metal
  • Flipping Items

You can use any 4-door vehicle including pickup trucks as long as the passenger door opens independently. However, pickup trucks aren’t recommended for ride sharing programs as the cost of gas can outweigh the earnings.

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