A truck bed toolbox is a convenient way of storing and transporting all the tools needed for your day. Designed with only pickup trucks in mind, truck bed tool chests fit perfectly in the bed or wheel wells.

Truck boxes are heavy-duty and available in a variety of styles. They are perfect for any handyman or truck enthusiast that uses tools often.

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Whether you work in the trades or you’re an off-roading enthusiast that needs emergency tools. 

Tools are expensive and might be the way you put food on the table. That’s why it’s necessary to keep them safe, protected and organized.

There are many benefits to equipping your pickup truck with a truck bed toolbox. Such as organized storage, protection from the weather and keeping prying thieves away.

If you’re a contractor or tradesman, nothing makes a day more miserable than searching for the right tool. 

Truck bed toolboxes and chests are available with different drawer styles. This allows you to keep your tools organized how you want them.

Tools can cost a lot of money, store them properly to keep them safe from the outside weather. Sun UV rays, rain, snow and debris in the bed of your truck will damage tools and you’ll need to replace them.

Aftermarket pickup truck toolboxes are heavy-duty, weatherproof storage containers. They will ensure your tools last longer without any damage or corrosion.

Every city has shady characters that pry where they shouldn’t and take what’s not theirs. Truck bed toolboxes and chests have a heavy-duty padlock or built-in locking system. This locking system stops thieves and prying hands from getting in your tools.

Crossover truck toolboxes or also known as saddle boxes are the most common type. They cross over the truck bed with each side resting on top of the bed rails. 

Most cross-bed toolboxes have a single hinged lid that lifts towards the back window of the cab.  

There are double-lid toolboxes available. They open towards the cab, lock individually and divided into two separate boxes.

Gullwing crossover toolboxes are another style with two lids. But, gullwing lids fold towards the center of the box. This offers accessibility from the side of the truck instead of entering the truck bed to grab tools.

Low-profile crossover toolboxes have a thinner lid but, heavy-duty lid. This allows for better visibility out of the rear window.

Saddle boxes mount on top of the bed rails and leave a bit of space between the truck bed. This space is useful for hauling lumber, metal and other materials.

Side-mounted truck toolboxes offer easy access to your tools from outside the bed. Side-mounted boxes install on the side of the bed rails. They face outwards with lids that swing towards the center of the bed.

Side-mounted toolboxes are longer than cross-bed toolboxes. They span the length of the truck bed instead of the width. 

They can be combined with a crossover chest. This allows for the use of two side-mounted boxes with a saddle box in–between for even extra added storage.

Truck bed tool chests offer a larger storage capacity but reduce the length of your truck bed. 

Tool chests don’t mount on top of the bed rails like other toolboxes. Instead, they sit on the pickup truck bed reducing total length and room for materials.

An advantage to truck tool chests is that you can use a tonneau cover with the tool chest. Since truck chests don’t mount on the bed rails it allows for the tonneau cover to get mounted on flat.

Wheel well truck bed toolboxes are smaller L-shaped storage boxes. They fill the space between truck wheel wells and the tailgate. 

While they aren’t very large they can be useful for storing smaller tools that you often use.

Underbed truck toolboxes get used on flatbed work trucks, RV’s and travel trailers. 

The benefit of underbed boxes is they allow you to keep your bed space free. They mount underneath the flatbed providing a tool storage space. But, they decrease the total ground clearance.

Hitch-mounted toolboxes get used on trucks, Jeeps, SUVs and any other vehicle that has a hitch. They secure onto the hitch of your vehicle providing useful storage space. 

A bonus is that hitch-mounted toolboxes don’t block the rearview window. 

With so many different options when choosing the right toolbox to install. There are some questions you’ll have to ask yourself. 

Such as the different features to choose from to make sure it suits your needs.

Most full-size pickup trucks can use any truck bed toolbox. But, nothing is worse than making the mistake of buying one that doesn’t fit your truck bed. 

Before you decide on the perfect truck toolbox for you be sure to measure the dimensions of your truck bed. 

Also, ensure that the toolbox you choose will hold all the tools you plan to store.

With different mounting styles each offering their own advantages and disadvantages. 

How often you plan to access the toolbox and the work required from your truck may influence your choice. 

Pick a toolbox style that is hassle-free to access. One that is easy to open when needed and doesn’t impede the other uses you have for your truck bed.

Choose a material and construction style that fits what you need for your day to day uses. 

There are three main types of materials used in the manufacture of truck toolboxes: Plastic, Steel and Aluminum.

Plastic truck bed toolboxes don’t cost as much, they weigh less and are rust-proof. 

They are great for storing tools and equipment. But, items in the truck bed may bump into them causing damage that isn’t easy to repair. 

Plastic boxes are more useful in coastal areas that have salty sea air as they won’t corrode.

Steel truck bed toolboxes are very strong and offer a high level of protection. They have anti-rust coatings to prevent corrosion and rust. But, once scratched the rusting process will start very fast.

Aluminum truck bed toolboxes are sturdy with very high anti-rusting properties. But, they may still corrode over time if damaged. 

They are lighter weight than steel truck toolboxes. This causes them to use less gas and provide better fuel economy.

Truck bed tool boxes mount directly to the bed of your pickup truck to provide a fixed tool storage chest. 

If you need portability, buy a truck toolbox that installs in the truck bed but allows you to take it to the job site. 

There are carrying bags and boxes with straps that secure them to the bed while driving. Then, when you need to bring it somewhere unstrap the toolbox and bring it with you.

One of the most important aspects when choosing a truck toolbox is the security that it provides. In every city, if tools get left unattended unwanted prying hands and eyes will steal them.

When you pick a truck bed toolbox, make sure to consider the locking mechanism. Ensure it’s a high-quality lock that won’t allow easy access to thieves.

When picking a truck bed toolbox it’s best to find the one that matches the style you want on your truck. 

Toolboxes are available powder-coated in either semi-glossy black or white. Also, they are available in a shiny diamond plated aluminum finish.

The best pickup truck bed toolbox isn’t a universal selection. There are many things to consider when choosing a toolbox for the bed of your truck to fit your needs. 

If you’re looking to buy a toolbox checkout some of the best pickup truck bed toolboxes available.

One of the best aftermarket brands, Weather Guard created a high-quality crossover toolbox. The Weather Guard 674501 toolbox is durable and easy to open. It features a retractable lock that makes theft almost impossible.

Weather Guard aluminum all-purpose toolbox has full weather sealing. The seal is great at preventing dirt and moisture from entering causing damage to your tools. 

It is easy to mount onto the bed rails, securing in place with four bolts and a self-locking nut. 

This aluminum toolbox will need some drilling into the bed liner for installation.

The Weather Guard 674501 Aluminum All-Purpose Chest is very durable. Lasting for years with an aluminum body that resists corrosion and won’t dent. 

This truck bed toolbox guarantees long-term use and protection of your precious tools.

UnderCover SwingCase truck bed storage box is a unique and very versatile design. 

This truck toolbox installs inside the truck bed. In the space between the wheel wells and the tailgate.

It has a release lever that when released allows the toolbox to swing out for easy access.

The SwingCase gets made from durable ABS plastic. ABS plastic makes for a compact, lightweight and weatherproof toolbox. 

It allows for the use of a tonneau cover and it’s portable, easy to detach to bring it wherever you need.

Two UnderCover SwingCase truck bed toolboxes can get installed on each side of the truck bed. A great option for adding even more extra storage to the bed of your pickup truck.

The Trinity Job Site Toolbox is one of the bigger truck bed toolboxes available. It allows you to store all the tools and equipment you need in a heavy-duty storage chest. 

The Job Site toolbox can get used in the truck bed or at the worksite if not mounted.

Trinity Job Site gets manufactured using heavy-duty reinforced steel. It has gas-mounted hinges for an easy open to access tool storage. 

It weighs under 70 pounds when empty with slots along the bottom to transport it with a forklift. But, with this toolbox, you can’t mount a tonneau cover without tonneau cover adapters.

While this is a very heavy-duty and spacious truck bed toolbox, it lacks security. 

The locking system is a separately sold padlock from any local hardware store. Also, there’s no weatherproof seal which may lead to tool damage.

BAK BakBox 2 truck bed toolbox is versatile, allowing for the use of a tonneau cover with your toolbox. 

It’s is collapsible and easy to install, mounted below the bed rails and removable to carry to the job site.

The BakBox 2 toolbox gets made using the same strong and durable panels as the BakFlip tonneau cover. 

Insulated using waterproof EPS polystyrene. With this toolbox, you can even add ice to convert it to a cooler. 

There is no cover on the BakBox 2, instead, it uses your BakFlip or aftermarket tonneau cover as a lid.

Supporting up to 200lbs with convenient sliding storage trays. The BakBox 2 is a great choice of truck bed toolbox for both on and off the job site.

UWS Black Series crossover truck toolbox is a sturdy box from high-quality aluminum. 

It features two stainless steel locking handles. This toolbox gets fitted with RigidCore foam. This is to stop any potential warping or bending. 

This foam always allows for a smooth open. Also, it prevents damage from heavy items stacked on top of the toolbox.

During production, the diamond-plated aluminum gets welded in one piece. This is to ensure there are no gaps and increasing durability. 

It has great weatherproofing keeping moisture out with a fitted MicroSeal gasket.

The UWS Black Series crossover toolbox is a great toolbox for any truck enthusiast. 

It’s easy to open because of the self-opening struts. Also, it offers great security with dual locking handles.

STKUSA Stark Underbody Toolbox mounts underneath the truck bed. This allows for full use of the truck bed with the benefit of storage. 

The Stark underbody toolbox can get mounted onto any RV or travel trailer. Great for truck camping adventures that want even more storage on your travels.

Underbody toolboxes are more discreet than bed-mounted boxes.

The STKUSA Stark toolbox offers even more security with their dual lock-and-key system. A great locking system will stop thieves from picking the lock.

The STKUSA Stark underbody toolbox has great protection from the weather elements. 

There’s a protective cap over the locks that prevent any water and gunk from entering the keyholes. Also, there’s a waterproof rubber seal around the lid that keeps out debris and moisture.

This truck toolbox is very spacious and easily accessible. It’s a great buy for any truck enthusiast looking for some extra storage.


Truck bed toolboxes are very easy to secure from unwanted eyes and potential thieves. 

Most truck toolboxes have a built-in locking mechanism. They use a key to lock and unlock the chest whenever needed. 

Other truck bed toolboxes get locked using any padlock. They can get purchased from your local hardware store.

While most pickup truck toolboxes are universal and will fit in any full-sized pickup. 

There are some models of truck toolboxes that only fit specific trucks or bed sizes.

The level of safety a truck bed toolbox will provide depends on the model that you buy. 

The majority of aftermarket truck toolboxes are very secure. They offer protection from thieves and unwanted visitors. 

This is due to a built-in locking mechanism that requires a key.

The weight of a pickup truck bed toolbox depends on the model you buy, size and material it’s manufactured from. 

But, the majority of truck bed toolboxes weigh between 50 to 100lbs.

The price for an aftermarket truck bed toolbox varies based on material and style bought. But, most pickup truck toolboxes range in price from $350 to $800.