Pop up camper trailers are lightweight, portable and easy to tow with smaller vehicles. 

They are flat, compact sleeping units with canvas walls, windows. Also, some may include a kitchen and bathroom area.

Pop up campers don’t actually pop up as the name would imply.

Instead, to set them up you use a winch or hydraulic lifts. They extend the telescoping poles that support the hard rooftop. Then, pull out the bed slides on each end of the tent camper.

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Pop-up tent campers offer many benefits over traditional RVs and travel trailers.


Pop up tent campers are lightweight and compact. They weigh between 800lbs – 4000lbs and fold for compact storage. 

They are towable by mid-sized cars and have higher ground clearance.

Fuel Economy

Traditional RVs and travel trailers weigh upwards of 5,000lbs. Meanwhile, pop up camper trailers are between 800lbs – 4000lbs.

Pop-up tent campers are so much lighter and easier to pull. This results in lower fuel consumption while travelling.


Pop up campers cost way less than an RV or travel trailer.

Often times you can find a used pop up camper for around $1,000 – $2,500. 

Buying a brand new pop up camper isn’t too costly either with a price range of $4,500 – $20,000.


Pop up campers are glorified tents that include a fridge, stove and bathroom space. 

If you’re used to tent camping then all these features will have you camping in luxury.

Sleeps Larger Groups

If you’re camping in a larger group often times there will be many tents set up or truck bed campers. 

But, pop up campers sleep up to six people saving you from needing to set up extra tents.

Tent/Outdoor Feeling

Pop up campers have canvas walls and screened windows. They leave you feeling like your sleeping outdoors under the stars.

Tent campers don’t take away from feeling connected with nature. Some people don’t feel the same experience when RV camping.

Before spending your hard-earned money on a pop-up camper. 

You’ll have to choose which aspects are most important to you for a great camping trip.

What bathroom amenities do you want?

No Bathroom and Porta Potty

Toilet Only Bathroom

Full Bathroom – Toilet, Shower & Sink

Do You Plan to Off-Road

If you want to try an Overlanding expedition or travel off-road for off the grid camping. Then, be sure to buy a pop-up camper that built for off-roading.

There are pop up campers available with off-road packages. They include thicker off-road tires and steel wheels.

Camping Trip Length

Are you an Overlanding enthusiast or love to go on camping expeditions? 

Then, truck bed campers or travel trailers are a better option as they get built better for longer trips.

Pop up campers are better suited for short weekend trips. They aren’t as durable as hard-sided travel trailers or truck bed campers.

Hard-sided travel trailers and truck bed campers are more suited for Overlanding.

Camping Group Size

How many people need a place to sleep on your camping trip?

Most pop up campers sleep up to 6 people. But, if you’re a smaller group there’s room to save money by buying a smaller pop-up camper.

Amenities Needed

Be sure to take note of everything that you need for your camping trip and to shop for a pop-up camper that fills them.

Do you need air conditioning?

Do you need hot water?

Do you need a kitchen?

The Sylvasnsport Go is an all-in-one camper, gear hauler and utility trailer. 

It can carry all your outdoor gear, works as a trailer and then turns into a tent at the campsite sleeping up to 4 people.

Sylvansport Go pop up camper is very fuel-efficient, lightweight and small with a dry weight of 840lbs. It’s made from a high-quality aluminum frame reinforced with a powder coating.

Built for comfort the Go uses custom-tuned Dexter Torsion axles. This allows for a more stable and controlled ride.

Great Features of the Sylvansport Go Pop Up Camper

  • 3-In-1 Pop-Up Tent Camper, Utility Trailer, Gear Hauler
  • Lightweight High-Quality Aluminum Frame
  • Custom Tuned Dexter Torsion Axles
  • Waterproof & Seam-Sealed
  • Sleep up to 4

The Viking V-Trec built for comfort with all the luxuries you want on a camping trip. 

It has a sleek aerodynamic design that has simplicity in mind.

Viking V-Trec camping trailer is very easy to set up and store when you’re finished. 

The camper extends with ease when setting up. This is thanks to the Viking Trailers Glide-N-Lock bed system.

The Viking V-Trec V3 model is fantastic for large families with smaller kids. 

It is very spacious with a dry weight of 3217lbs and a loaded weight of 4427lbs.

In the Viking V-Trec V3 floor plan, there are all the amenities you could ever need.

  • 1 ¼” insulated king size bunk that functions as a 60” cargo deck when folded
  • 1 ¼” Insulated Queen Size Bunk
  • Dinette that folds into a sleeping space
  • 2-Piece Stove Top
  • 4” Heated Mattresses
  • 3-Way 1.9 Cu. ft. Fridge
  • 20,000 BTU Furnace
  • Electric Brakes
  • Laminated Fiberglass Walls

The Autumn Ridge 180BHS pop up camper has a heavy-duty and spacious construction. Meanwhile, still offers a complete bathroom.

It has ⅝” thick flooring, fiberglass insulation, flexible LP lines and a magnum roof system.

Starcraft upgraded the exterior on the 180BHS camper.

They added galvanized steel wheel wells, radial tires and self-adjusting electric brakes. 

This pop-up tent camper has a dry weight of 3,445lbs and a wet weight of 4,500lbs.

Sleeping up to 6 people the 2020 Autumn Ridge 180BHS has a beautiful interior. 

It has everything needed for a great camping trip.

  • Cooking Range
  • Microwave
  • 6 Cu. Ft. Fridge
  • Double Sink
  • Queen Bed
  • Dinette
  • Bunk Beds
  • Tub/Shower Combo
  • Bathroom Sink
  • Tinted Safety Glass Windows
  • Foot-Flush Toilet
  • Air Conditioner

Forest River is known for manufacturing great pop-up tent campers. Their Rockwood Premier model showed why.

The Rockwood Premier is a great hard-sided pop-up camper that has a ton to offer at a fantastic cost. 

It is very lightweight with a 2,700lbs dry weight and 4,500lbs wet weight, great for saving gas money.

They offer 4-floor plans to choose from that all sleep 7 to 8 people which is great for group camping trips.

Awesome Features of the Forest River Rockwood Premier

  • Four Floor Plan Options
  • Tinted Windows
  • Beautiful Interior
  • USB Charging Ports
  • 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner (optional)
  • 40W Solar Panel (optional)
  • Screen Room with Privacy Panels (optional)

Conqueror’s UEV-490 Extreme is one of the toughest pop-up campers available. 

It’s built to withstand off-roading with an electro-galvanized steel body shell. Also, including Conqueror patented independent suspension system.

The UEV-490 Extreme has a 7,700 lb stub axle fitted with alloy wheels and full-size Dunlop AT tires (245/70/16). 

Also, there are 12” electric brakes and a Max Coupler Off-Road coupling.

This camper sleeps up to 5 people with a front folding double bed, 2m x 2m inside bed and folding dinette. 

Also, it has a complete kitchen with a Dometic 2 burner stove, BBQ and 85L fridge/freezer.

The Conqueror UEV-490 Extreme has a dry weight of 3,200lbs and a wet weight of 4,300lbs.

Standard Features on Conqueror’s UEV-490 Extreme

  • Fold-out shower tent
  • Pressurized water pump and plumbing
  • Interior pressurizing blower to prevent dust leaks
  • 2x Portable LED lights with 3m extension
  • Adjustable stabilizers

An at-home solution for cleaning camper canvas is a mixture of two parts water, one part vinegar. 

Then, scrubbing the mildew stains with a toothbrush and washing with water afterwards.

Another great solution for cleaning canvas is Bass Pro Shops Mildew Stain Remover.

It does a great job of removing mildew stains. But, don’t scrub too hard or you may damage the canvas.

The weight of a pop-up tent camper is between 800lbs to 4000lbs.

But, the weight is dependent on the size, amenities and materials of the model.

The steps for winterizing a pop-up tent camper are:

  • Drain all water from the water tanks – Don’t forget fresh water tank and hot water heater
  • Blow air through the city water inlet
  • Pump antifreeze into the sink until the drain starts to overflow
  • Pump antifreeze into the city water inlet
  • Hook everything back up

For a more in-depth guide on winterizing your pop up camper click here

The price for a brand new pop up tent camper ranges between $4,500 to $50,000 depending on the model and features.

  • Best Small Pop Up Tent Camper for Smaller Vehicles – Sylvansport Go Pop Up Camper
  • Best Pop Up Camper for a Large Family – 2020 Coachmen Viking V-Trec V3
  • Best Pop Up Tent Camper with a Bathroom – 2020 Starcraft Autumn Ridge 180BHS Single Axle Trailer
  • Best Hard-Sided Pop Up Tent Camper – Forest River Rockwood Premier Pop Up Camper
  • Best Pop Up Tent Camper for Off-Roads – Conqueror UEV-490 Extreme

If you enjoy the outdoors and spending time away from the busy city life. 

Then, a pop-up tent camper is worth it.