Pickup trucks are versatile with uses such as a work truck, an Overlanding rig and a daily driver.

No matter the use for your pickup truck aftermarket accessory upgrades will transform your ride to fit your needs.

In 2020, with so many pickup truck accessories to choose from it can be easy to overspend on the wrong ones.

Continue reading for 11 essential pickup truck accessories and the reasons why.

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Tie Downs are a must to keep inside of your pickup truck at all times. 

They benefit truck owners with an easy way to secure loose or longer objects to the bed.

Tie downs are available as cargo straps with different hooks to suit your needs.

Ratchet straps and bungee cords are available at a low-cost at most hardware stores and online. 

They don’t take much space, fitting underneath the seat or into a truck bed toolbox

Spray-In Bed Liners protect the investment you made buying a pickup truck. 

They benefit new truck owners with incredible truck bed protection from scratches, dents and corrosion.

The installation of a spray-in truck bed liner makes for a comfier ride due to fewer vibrations. Also, it adds traction to hold cargo in place.

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The installation of a spray-in truck bed liner is better left to experienced professionals.

The average cost is $400 – $500 at most auto-body shops for installation.

Also, available are roll-on liners and drop-in truck bed liners.

Truck bed toolboxes are a great way to organize and store your tools in your truck bed. 

Whether you’re a handyman or a truck enthusiast that uses tools often. The addition of a truck bed toolbox will give you a space to store your tools and keep them safe.

Truck bed toolboxes offer many benefits to truck owners. 

Benefits like proper tool storage and organization, weather protection and theft protection.

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Tonneau covers secure on top of the truck bed to offer protection from the elements. 

They are soft or hard and available in a wide variety of styles with their own advantages.

The addition of a tonneau cover provides many benefits to pickup truck owners. 

Box covers add a layer of security to the truck bed, protection to tools and gear and improved fuel economy

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Running boards, side steps and/or nerf bars run along the side of your pickup truck providing a step. 

They are heavy-duty, often rated to support up to 500lbs.

Adding running boards to your pickup trucks benefits you with more than a step. 

They help keep your interior clean, prevent rock chips in the paint and change the aesthetic.

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Winches are emergency rescue tools that mount to the bumper of your pickup truck. 

They are very useful in case of emergency. Great for self-rescue and for pulling out other stuck vehicles.

Rescue Winches are very strong and capable. This is thanks to a powerful built-in motor that’s capable of pulling over 10,000lbs. 

They include 50 to 100 feet of steel wire spooled on a drum, everything needed for self-rescue.

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All-weather floor mats will save the resale value of your truck and help keep the interior clean. 

Also, with all the added electronics in vehicles today. There is a lot of the wiring that runs between the floorboards.

Custom fitting floor mats will trap any liquids from touching the floor. Also, prevent dirt from getting on the carpet.

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Truck bed lights mount underneath the bed railing or along the upper edges to illuminate the bed.

The addition of truck bed lights will save you the frustration of trying to find gear in the truck bed when it’s dark.

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If you bought a pickup truck odds are that you plan on hauling toys. Tow hitches are necessary for hooking up to trailers that you plan to tow.

Be sure to add a tow package to your vehicle at the shop. The installation should get done by a licensed professional that way you avoid risk in case of an issue.

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Pickup trucks come factory off the lot with a donut or small spare tire. In an emergency, you’ll want a reliable tire that can get you where you need to go,

It’s in any truck owner’s best interest to replace the cheap spare provided with a good all-terrain or all-season tire.

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Truck bed campers allow you to convert your truck into a portable sleep space for off-road adventures. 

They fit in the box of your truck providing you with a camp kitchen and beds so you can explore in your pickup.

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Taking your truck off-roads may lead to damages depending on the road you drive. But, there are aftermarket accessories to add protection and safety.

Before you take your vehicle off-roading. Remember that there’s always a risk for potential problems and damages.

Upgrades for improving the off-roading capability off your pickup truck or SUV are:

Heavy-Duty Bumper/Grille Guard – Protection for the front end and headlights

Lightbar/Better Headlights – Improved lighting for driving backroads at night.

Skidplate – Protect underneath your vehicle from damage.

Lift Kit – Increase ground clearance.

All-Terrain/Mud-Terrain Tires – Better grip and performance while driving off-road

Fender Flares – Protect tires from trees and sharp rocks.

To replace your factory truck tires to bigger ones there will be issues. 

The stock rims will need to be get upgraded to fit the tire. 

Bigger truck tires may need an offset to prevent rubbing against the wheels wells. 

The tires may increase fuel consumption due to the extra power needed for turning them.

Lifted pickup trucks don’t provide any extra safety than a factory truck. 

In fact, lifted trucks have a higher center of gravity which increases the risk of a rollover.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driving a lifted truck with a passenger doubles the risk of rollover.

How Can I Make My Pickup Truck Louder?

To make a pickup truck louder you’ll need more airflow and less air restriction which can get done in two ways.

Swap the factory exhaust system with a larger, less restrictive aftermarket exhaust kit

Change the air intake system to a larger cold air intake system

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Shorter exhaust pipes produce a loud roaring sound. Meanwhile, long pipes produce a lower grumbling sound.