Truck bumpers add an extra layer of protection to your pickup truck to keep your family and your precious custom pickup safe on your daily drives.

Now, aftermarket bumpers have evolved in the world of auto parts and offer more than just protection. 

With a wide range of auto accessory brands today, aftermarket truck bumpers range in styles allowing you to customize your pickup to fit your unique look. 

Whether your truck gets used as a daily driver or it’s an essential tool used to provide food for your family.

If you’re looking to upgrade and replace your factory truck front bumper. 

Aftermarket heavy-duty truck front bumpers provide replacement options to transform your truck’s aesthetic.

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Heavy-duty off-road front truck bumpers add an extra layer of protection. This is great for letting you work stress-free. 

Steel front bumpers increase truck departure and approach angles. This helps keep your lights safe. 

They also keep your truck or SUV engine protected in the case of a head-on collision or animal strike.

If your truck is a work truck and your front bumper takes a beating. The upgrade to a heavy-duty front bumper will allow you to get the job done safely. 

Also, it allows you to add extra features such as a winch or a light bar.

Choosing a replacement aftermarket truck front bumper to suit your needs? The choice is easy when you know the styles and options.

Heavy-duty front truck bumpers offer your pickup an excellent amount of added protection. All while still being minimalist.

The standard aftermarket heavy-duty front bumper is perfect for truck owners preferring sleeker trucks. Custom trucks that still perform like a beast when expected to.

Some benefits of aftermarket heavy-duty front truck bumpers are:

  • Easy Bolt-On Installation
  • Added Off-Road Protection
  • Enhance The Appearance
  • Ability To Add A Light Bar
  • Option To Add A Winch

Heavy-duty front bumpers are available with extra front-end protection. Great for your LED headlights, fog lights and grille.

These bumpers include a grille guard. This guard wraps around the headlights and grilles giving a strong appearance. This grille guard acts as a shield from rocks, trees and road debris.

Some benefits of aftermarket grille guard truck bumpers are:

  • Improved Grille and Headlight Protection
  • Front-End Protection From Rocks and Debris
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation
  • Ability to Add an Aftermarket Light Bar
  • Winch Ready

Heavy-duty truck bull bar bumpers are an A-Shaped tube that covers the center of the front-end. 

Bull bar bumpers offer some impact protection in the case of head-on collisions.

They don’t offer any extra protection to the truck’s headlights. But, some bull bars may include a skid plate on the lower half for deflecting stones and road debris.

Some benefits of truck Jeep and SUV bull bar bumpers are:

  • Added Grille and Front-End Protection
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation
  • Low Profile
  • Lower Cost

Some automotive insurance companies offer discounted rates to truck owners with added protection.

Reunel manufactures extreme-duty front truck bumpers. These bumpers are custom built to fit your truck’s specifications. 

This allows for a seamless fit that contours to the body of your own pickup truck.

Reunel aftermarket truck bumpers are custom designed. Perfect for your brand new truck or your used pickup truck.

The extreme heavy-duty truck bumper gets made from solid steel that’s welded from top-quality steel plates. 

It features a very strong steel mounting system. This system secures the front bumper to your pickup truck with ease. Leaving you without needing to worry about the mount coming loose.

Long-lasting and rust-resistant. Reunel powder-coated, clear coated then hand polished their extreme duty aftermarket truck bumpers. 

The end result is a perfect mirrored finish.

A unique twist to the typical pickup truck bumpers that you’d find on the market. 

Move Bumpers custom manufacture each individual piece to build your own front bumper. The Move DIY custom bumper kit fits exactly to the specifications of your custom truck.

Super heavy-duty front bumpers that offer a significant amount of added protection to your truck. 

The material used to fabricate the pieces of the bumper is 9 gauge steel plating.

Move DIY Bumpers include 5 main pieces, the center, 2 wings and 2 end caps that mount to your truck. This allows you to weld the parts together then bolt the bumper onto your truck. 

The full installation of your custom truck front bumper will take roughly 4 – 5 hours.

Learn how to install your DIY Move Bumper

The Br10 by GoRhino is one beast of a bumper for the front of your truck. It can instantly set your pickup truck apart from every other truck driver on the roads.

Manufactured from a heavy-duty 3/16 inch steel plating. Then, it’s finished with a black textured powder coat for an aggressive finish. 

Perfect to keep your bumper free from rust and rock chips.

Pre cut to incorporate a winch rated up to 16,500 lbs. Also, light ready to easily mount a light bar that is up to 20-inches long.

GoRhino made their heavy-duty front bumpers easier to install than other truck bumpers. 

Bring a friend because they made this simple to install. Hold the bumper up to the front of the truck with your buddy and install the bolts.

The GoRhino is an excellent super heavy-duty bumper. It is a great addition to any truck whether you’re off-roading or driving around town.

Rough Country heavy-duty front bumpers made from high strength 9 gauge steel. That’s powder-coated black then e-coated.

Long-lasting protection with this aftermarket bumper. Rough Country even offers a 3-year warranty and it’s tested through some of the toughest tests.

Included with the bumper are 4 cube LED lights and a 20-inch light bar. These truck accessories can get installed to give you extra lighting on the dark roads.

Installation time for Rough Country aftermarket bumpers ranges between 2 – 4 hours. 

It can be installed from the comfort of your own garage saving you money on shop fees.

Offering a solid amount of added protection. Also, improving the aesthetics of your custom truck. 

The Rough Country heavy-duty front bumper is a great choice. It will last you the lifetime of your pickup.

The SmittyBilt front bumper gets made from 3/16 inch cold rolled steel. It’s welded together to form one solid piece that lasts the test of time. 

To ensure the most paint and rock protection. This truck front bumper gets finished with a 2 stage black textured powder coat. 

This black powder coat has proven to have a long-lasting duration.

Unique features of the SmittyBilt aftermarket heavy-duty truck front bumper are:

  • Solid mounted d-rings welded on both the inside and outside,
  • Very bright LED running lights and fog lights
  • Supports a winch rated for up to 17,500 lbs.

The installation process takes between 2 – 4 hours. It requires no cutting, drilling or welding. 

To install bolt the bumper onto the front-end of the truck, Jeep or SUV for a secure mount.

The SmittyBilt heavy-duty aftermarket truck bumper is perfect for every pickup truck owner. 

Whether you’re into off-roading or a city driver. If you want to add an aggressive look to your custom truck with an excellent amount of extra protection.

The Iron Cross HD Push Bar bumper offers advanced protection and looks great. 

The Iron Cross bumper gets manufactured from 10 gauge steel. Then, a black powder coat which can withstand a beating.

The HD Push Bar has mounts for two 4-inch round LED fog lights and a spot to mount a winch. Dual-welded shackles get mounted to the front-end for even further accessorizing.

Iron Cross HD Push Bar bumper is a great aftermarket bumper replacement option. 

This bumper will ensure you’re able to continue doing what you do best with max protection.

The Ranch Hand Summit Series grille guard bumper offers max top to bottom protection. 

This bumper has a complete grille guard along with a heavy-duty 12 gauge steel front bumper.

Ranch Hand Summit Series grille guard bumper is a great choice for truck owners looking for full front-end protection.

With this aftermarket bumper kit. You can get work done with your truck without worrying about any damage.

Vengeance bumpers manufactured by Fab Fours are a great looking, heavy-duty bumper. 

The perfect upgrade for off-road and street trucks. Manufactured from sturdy 11 gauge steel and powder coated black.

This aftermarket bumper has mounting points for a 20-inch LED light bar and two 2×2 dual lights. 

It’s available in two different styles: with a push bar or without a push bar.

The Fab Fours Vengeance bumper kits are an excellent option for pickup truck owners that want a prerunner look.

ICI Magnum Bumpers had the off-road truck enthusiast in mind when manufacturing this aftermarket bumper kit. 

This bumper has forced air ventilation, max ground clearance and 1-inch heavy-duty tow hooks.

The Magnum bumpers get made from tough steel then finished with a black powder coat. 

They have the option to mount a recovery winch rated up to 16,500 lbs. 

Also, with this aftermarket front bumper. You have the ability to mount an LED light bar, grille guard and skid plates.

The ICI Magnum Bumpers are a great aftermarket option for a heavy-duty front bumper replacement. You can be sure that you’re safe with this upgrade while tearing up the back roads.

Heavy-duty truck front bumpers range in price from $500 – $3,000 depending on the style, material and brand that you choose.

Truck bumpers can be replaced with any other bumper that is sized to fit your pickup.

The cost to get your front bumper vinyl wrapped is around $100 if you’re doing it yourself and $200 – $300 if you bring it to an auto detailer.

Truck bumpers can be painted. To do so make sure that:

  • Sand all the old clear coat and paint off
  • Wipe clean with rubbing alcohol
  • Paint with spray paint
  • Wet sand
  • Wipe clean with rubbing alcohol
  • Spray on clear coat

While a heavy-duty bumper doesn’t guarantee your safety in an accident. Aftermarket steel bumpers are stronger and offer more protection than stock bumpers. The added protection betters your chances in a car accident and decreases damage to the front-end of your vehicle.

Heavy-duty bumpers may include an emergency rescue winch attached to them. If the aftermarket bumper you bought doesn’t include a winch. You can buy one separately and mount the winch to your bumper.

Yes, aftermarket heavy-duty bumpers include a spot for mounting an LED light bar to them and other truck accessories.

Off-road heavy-duty front bumpers are available in silver, chrome and a black powder coat.

A majority of aftermarket truck front bumpers bolt to the existing holes in the frame of your vehicle. Note that some models of aftermarket bumpers may require some cutting or drilling.