When it comes to hunting season, there are fewer pieces of gear as important as your hunting truck. Your hunting rig is easy to overlook, but once the season begins, your vehicle needs to be up to the task.

Preparation is key to any hunt, especially when it comes to your truck. Here are a few must-have gear and accessories that you may want to consider before your next hunting trip!

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A simple winch is one of those truck accessories that you might never use on most trips. But, when the time comes and you need it, it can be a lifesaver.

Emergency Winches come in all shapes and sizes, and at different costs. There are different pulling capacities, manual or electronic winches, and waterproof options.

No matter what you decide will work best for you, having a winch in or on your truck is a must. 

Winches are a great piece of gear that you should invest in before your next trip as they allow self-rescue if stuck.

A great option is the Superwinch 1510200 Electric Truck & SUV Winch

This winch includes a rubber remote switch and has a pulling capacity of 10,000lbs.

For more information on the best Emergency/Self-Rescue Winches click here!

If you’re taking your pickup truck deep into the woods in search of some wild game. 

You are going to need something cold to preserve the meat. If not there’s a chance that the meat you hunted hard for will spoil before you get it home.

A portable fridge and/or freezer is the perfect option for preserving the rewards of your hunt. 

They are a perfect fit in the bed of any hunting truck and well worth the money.

A great portable fridge and freezer combo is the Costway 54 Quart which has plenty of space for your small game. 

This fridge/freezer is well built, made for the rigor of off-road driving.

It has a fast cooling mode capable of dropping the temperature by 60 degrees in 30 minutes. 

Also, it has a battery-saving function to prevent draining the battery of your truck.

If you’re looking for an even bigger portable fridge and freezer for all your large game. 

A great option is the Costway 105 Quart Compressor Fridge/Freezer.

The Costway 105 Quart has an external touchpad that allows users to customize the fridge. 

The touchpad lets you set the interior lighting, temperature, and battery protection level. 

Also, a great feature of this fridge is you can set separate temperatures for the left and right sides.

You never know what you might encounter when hunting deep in the backwoods. 

If your truck tires start to leak air without a way of refilling them you’ll get stranded.

A portable air compressor is a must-have in your hunting rig in case you have tire issues. 

They connect to your vehicle to allow refilling the air in your tires fast.

Don’t risk getting stranded deep in the bush without cell service due to an easy fix.

Be sure to bring a portable air compressor!

A spare tire is another must-have to prevent an easy-to-fix issue should a tire emergency arise. 

If you drive over something sharp or have a tire failure you’ll need to solve it yourself.

Taking a hunting trip often leads to heading deep into the woods where there isn’t cell service. 

Don’t risk getting stranded over an issue that has such an easy fix!

For more information on Off-Road Tires to bring as a spare click here!

Headed out for a week/weekend hunting trip? Be sure to pack an easy setup and comfortable place to sleep like a truck bed tent and air mattress.

The combination of a truck bed tent and air mattress will allow you to set up a portable sleep space. 

Anywhere you take your truck during your hunting trip can turn into a sleeping area with ease.

A great truck tent option is the Kodiak Canvas Tent

This canvas tent is very spacious, heavy-duty, easy to set up, and waterproof. For more information on truck bed tents click here!

A great truck bed air mattress is the AirBedz Pro 3 which is custom made for the box of your truck. Also, it’s quick to inflate, heavy-duty, and very comfortable!

No hunting rig is complete without some sort of emergency/first aid kit inside.

Even a simple kit made of a first aid kit, road flares, water, and some snacks. 

This could actually help to save a life, whether it is yours or someone else’s that is not as prepared.

You never know if you might get stranded, have vehicle problems, or need some simple medical care. 

A few emergency items packed away in your hunting rig are always a good idea!

Off-road lights can help you if you are out at night or during bad weather conditions. 

Extra lights can help keep you on track and see a lot more than the headlights can light up.

Every good hunting truck should have some sort of extra lighting on it!

The tires on a truck or hunting rig are some of the most important parts of the vehicle. 

If you plan on hunting some rougher country, some larger, off-road tires will make the trip much more enjoyable.

Off-road tires will also be much more durable and give you fewer flat tires. 

Throw a pair of tire chains for winter weather, and there is almost nowhere a solid 4×4 rig cannot go!

For more on Off-Road Pickup Truck Tires Click Here!

No matter what you are driving, adding a few simple accessories to your vehicle can make your next hunting trip much more enjoyable (and safer too!)

Throw in some extra gear for emergencies, and prepare to handle whatever your next adventure can throw at you!

A great list of gear that you should keep in your hunting truck are:

No, a pickup truck isn’t a must-have to go on a hunting trip. It’s possible to haul your wild game with a small trailer towed behind a 4×4 SUV.

But, a pickup truck is great for driving through rougher backroads and thick forests.

Some features that make for a great hunting truck are:

Hunting gear and clothes can be stored in either a plastic tote or a scent control bag. 

But, keep in mind if the truck interior is cold your clothes will be cold when you change into them.