Did you know? Equipping your truck with winter tires can earn yourself a 3 – 5% discount on your vehicle insurance.

There are always overconfident drivers saying I have a 4 wheel drive pickup truck, why do I need snow tires? The answer is all-season and winter tires offer better performance in certain conditions.

Four-wheel drive does help to improve how your truck accelerates. Plus it allows for better power management to the wheels.

When it comes time to stop or turn. You’ll find that 4×4 and your all-season tires don’t help with the stopping power of your truck leaving you sliding.

In the winter, you need a softer tire for the cold weather with treads designed for traction in the snow. Winter tires are softer than all-season tires and have saw-toothed edges called sipes.

These sipes spread apart while pushed into the snow. Providing tight snow on snow contact point for your tires.

When manufactured, winter tires get special silica like compounds baked into them. This helps to keep them flexible for the best traction in the snow and cold.

All-season truck tires are too solid and aren’t able to squish around to grip the snow. The harder design is great for the summer and warmer weather. When the hard tire and slick grip can grab onto the solid pavement without a worry.

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Some makes of all-terrain tires available today are snow rated. But, they’re alright in snow and not as good as winter tires. They definitely perform better than an all-season tire would. That’s because they’re built with a multi-purpose mindset. Great for drivers who frequent both snowy and rocky backroads.

The main difference between snow rated all-terrain and winter tires is a compound. This special compound has silica in it which helps to make winter tires more pliable.

Snow rated all-terrains have the same composition of all-season tires. But, all-terrains have sipes designed into them while all-seasons don’t. Yet, without the added pliability from the silica, they can’t pack the snow hard enough. Resulting in less bite and grip on snow-covered roads.

Studded winter tires identified by their symbol of a mountain with 3 peaks or a snowflake. They will have the tungsten carbide metal studs in the treads. Made to perform exceptionally in wet, icy and heavy snow conditions. They perform best in temperatures below 7°C (44.6°F).

Studded tires may provide amazing traction in the rough icy conditions. But, when driving down a dry road without snow or ice. The studs in the tire may be a con as they don’t grip the pavement properly allowing you to get full traction. Also, studded tires have caused an excess of $10 million dollars in damage to the roads and highways.

If you’re interested in getting studded winter tires for your pickup truck click here. However, be sure to check with your state or provinces road laws.

Studded winter tires are 100% illegal in some states. In others, you’re allowed to drive with them for certain months out of the year.

Studless winter tires identified by the symbol of a 3-peaked mountain and a snowflake. These tires perform best in icy conditions and soft to hard-packed snow with temperatures below 7°C (44.6°F).
They have an aggressive tread that provides an amazing grip in the ice and snow. However, when driving on pavement the tire tread and the softness of the tires don’t allow for the best control.
Another disadvantage of winter tires is that since they’re made of a softer rubber. They wear out faster than all-season tires. Even more so when driving down the highways and dry pavement often.

Tire chains weren’t designed to be on your tires all the time. They’re made to place around your wheels yourself only for short times when you need them. Then, you need to take them off when you’re back on normal roads. If not, they’ll have a negative impact on your drive and damage the roads.
Chains on the tires of your vehicle provide a dramatic increase in road traction and grip. Helping with accelerating and braking in the snow. These are a cheaper option than winter tires if you weren’t looking to spend lots of money on new tires. Great for an as-needed quick solution.

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Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2 winter tires are a great snow tire. They perform fantastic in both wet and dry conditions. The Xi2 tires manufactured with a silica-based compound named FleX-Ice.

This compound is temperature-sensitive. It allows the tires to stay flexible at lower temperatures for the ice and snow. Meanwhile, at higher temperatures. The silica-based compound allows the tires to stay firm. Excellent for better stability and performance on dry roads.

The Latitude X-Ice Xi2 offers one of the smoothest rides you could ask for from a winter tire. This could be because of Michelin’s zigzag siping design on these tires.

These sipes allow for increased tread and shoulder stability when driving. Also, they have twin steel belts wound with nylon cord inside. This helps to further improve stability and performance when driving at faster speeds.

  • Advanced zig-zag siping design for increased tread life and stability
  • Comfortable and very quiet ride
  • Specially formulated Flex Ice compound for improved handling

Overall, the Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2 is an amazing set of studless winter tires. You’ll never have to worry about getting stuck again. You can relax a little bit more behind the wheel since you won’t be sliding everywhere.

To see Michelin’s warranty policies click here

Hercules Tires wasn’t satisfied with a tire that only performs great. Those tires being the Avalanche X-Treme winter tire. This led to them evolving to create the Avalanche XUV. Their newest top-performing studdable winter tire for SUVs and light-duty trucks.

Hercules Tires Avalanche XUV features a new Snow Grip Technology. This technology is their collection of advanced features that work together in synergy. To make sure the tires perform in the coldest and harshest winter driving conditions.

When tested against the previous generation of tires, the Avalanche X-Treme. Hercules XUV tires can stop the vehicle 4 feet sooner in snow and up to 8 feet sooner on ice.

  • Advanced Snow Grip Technology – everything needed for smoother acceleration and faster stopping times in the snow.
  • Snow Grabber Grooves that trap the snow inside for better snow to snow traction
  • Thin sipes for better road contact and improved handling
  • Tailored treads for a responsive ride and increased tread life

The Avalanche XUV winter tires are a great choice of studdable tire. Fantastic to equip your SUV or pickup truck with this winter.

Try them out risk-free this winter, Hercules Tires offers a 45-day trial. You can replace them if not satisfied during the trial. Also, they guarantee free replacement. Up to 2 years or 50% remaining tread life with their road hazard protection plan.

To checkout more information on their warranty plans click here

The Pirelli Scorpion Winter is a top-end winter tire for SUVs and pickup trucks. They are amazing at providing drivers with an improved level of handling. Even in the most extreme of winter weather.

If you’re an environmentally conscious type of person. Pirelli focuses on meeting environmental goals to make sure they’re above standard. Seen on the tire with Pirelli’s Eco-Impact icons.

The Scorpion Winter’s like the majority of other top winter tires. Features a directional tread pattern with sturdy shoulders. This is for a better grip and cornering in dry weather. However, Pirelli evolved upon that and designed this tire with snow booster ridges. These ridges provide the tire with extra bite into the snow and ice for better handling


  • An environmentally friendly design proven with Eco-Impact icons
  • Very low noise levels while driving
  • Great acceleration in snow and on ice

The Pirelli Scorpion Winter provides exceptional handling in both dry and wet conditions. However, if you live in areas with extreme cold and frequent snow. These tires may now perform as well as some of the other tires. Also, the tread life of these tires seems to wear unevenly

For more on Pirelli’s warranty information click here

Goodyear’s Ultra Grip Ice WRT uses an advanced Winter Reactive Technology. Designed to provide exceptional traction in harsh winter driving conditions. The Goodyear WRT series is available for drivers of all types of vehicles whether car, truck or SUV.

The tires manufactured with a Winter Grip tread compound exclusive to Goodyear. It synergizes with a directional tread pattern for enhanced traction in below-freezing conditions. The grooves in the tires help in evacuating water and slush from underneath the tire tread. Fantastic for increased handling and preventing hydroplaning

Inside of these tires is two steel belts reinforced in nylon. Perfect for added strength and durability. Also, featuring a polyester cord body that promotes ride comfort and even treadwear. They even added a rim protector to prevent damage from ice and curbs

  • Two-dimensional blades in center of the tires for improved stopping and starting
  • 3D TredLock blades in the shoulder zone for enhanced wet and snow traction
  • A directional tread pattern that channels water and slush away from the tires
  • Specialized tread compound for enhanced traction on icy and snowy roads
  • Amazing grip on snow and icy roads
  • Excellent acceleration and braking

It’s argued that Goodyear’s Ultra Grip Ice WRT is one of the best studdable winter tires available. They provide excellent traction in snow, hard-packed snow, ice, wet and dry conditions. Gripping the snow as if it was pavement. with incredible braking and vehicle acceleration. These are definitely a great choice for any vehicle owners braving the winter.

To see Goodyear’s warranty information click here

Designed to improve upon the older yet top-rated DM-V1 winter tires. The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 tire is the resulting evolution. They boast some impressive features and even higher levels of traction in snow and ice.

Blizzak DM-V2 manufactured with Bridgestone’s new NanoPro Tech multi-cell tire tread compound. The NanoPro Tech compound functions in the same way as a sponge. It soaks up water allowing it to pull up the small thin layer of water on top of the ice. This results in much better traction on the ice and snow.

A great thing about this compound is that the colder it is the more pliable it is for better handling. However, only the first 55% of the tire’s tread depth is this NanoPro Tech compound. The rest of the tire uses its standard winter tire compound.

Bridgestone added a hydrophilic coating to the tire. This coating helps in pulling water into the tire cells. Also, they increased the number of tread block biting edges by 15% over their old winter tire the DM-V1. This increase of tread block edges, when combined with the 3-D sipes, allows for way more control.

  • Amazing tire traction and vehicle handling in all conditions
  • Very quiet and comfortable ride
  • Handles very good in both the dry and wet
  • NanoPro Tech compound that soaks up the top layer of water
  • Exceptional performance in the extreme cold

The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 winter ranks among the top of its class. If you’re looking for a winter tire that provides a safe and dependable performance. Then, these tires are a great option for you for this winter season.

For more information on Bridgestone’s warranty click here

The Toyo Observe GSi-5 is an excellent second-tier winter tire. They are great for anybody driving in cold climates with lighter amounts of snow. While Toyo isn’t seen as one of the elites in winter tires. They’re making big strides in improvement with the Observe GSi-5 winter tires.

The Observe GSi-5 features First Edge Technology. Coming in the form of shallow square sipes for enhancing the multi-directional grip. This is to break in the tires, for the first few hundred miles to prevent uneven tire tread wear.

Toyo incorporated Sawtooth Tread Edges and Snow Claw Technology into these tires. These edges and claws provide a deeper bite into the snow for better grip and traction.

Siping research and technology continues to improve. Tire manufacturers are learning better ways to design winter tires for improved handling. Toyo’s Observe GSi-5 designed with a Multi-Wave Sipe Technology allowing the tread to flex. However, only enough to activate the sipes but not enough to promote the tread squirm.

They have Spider Sipes included aswell. A collection of hexagonal, horizontal and vertical sipes on the inner ribs. Designed to increase grip in all directions.

The last style of sipe designed into these tires. Curved Swing Sipes that run down the center rib. This is to provide biting edges in every direction.

Not a common feature in winter tires, the Observe GSi-5 feature Micro-Bit Technology. This technology uses crushed up black walnut shells mixed throughout the silica-enhanced rubber. This compound provides grit to the rubber for an increased grip on ice.

  • Provides exceptional traction and handling at an affordable cost
  • A unidirectional tread pattern that optimizes for both braking and acceleration
  • Absorbs moisture from the roads for better road contact and performance
  • Excellent acceleration and stopping in dry, wet, snowy and icy conditions

Overall, the Toyo Observe GSi-5 winter truck tires are excellent and very affordable. A great choice for all SUV, CUV and pickup truck drivers. Being so cost-friendly they surprisingly don’t suffer in performance much at all.

For more information on Toyo tires warranty click here

Hankook Tires designed a tire built for performance. With the goal to get you through the worst winter conditions. The Hankook RW11 i-Pike winter tires are studdable winter tires. They will provide consistent performance for SUVs, CUVs and light trucks.

They feature an environmentally friendly tread compound. They have a wider contact patch for better grip on dry roads. Also, the Hankook i-Pike RW11 features a unique Stiffness Control Contour Theory technology. This stiffens the sidewall allowing for higher cornering performance.

The i-Pike RW11 by Hankook built for a quiet ride. Done through a unique tread block pitch and groove angles that work hand in hand to lower the road noise. Also, optimized for block stiffness with an added kerf in the center. This is to maximize traction on snow-packed and icy roads.

If you find your tires not getting enough grip on the ice and snow. There’s the option to add studs to the tire with the 6 pin rows designed for optimal winter traction and handling.

  • Block in the center of the tire that consists of a series of rib forms to increase traction
  • Improved kerf center block that adopts a lateral kerf to maximize snow performance
  • 6-Row pin arrangement for increased traction and minimal noise
  • Optimized block stiffness through the combination of wave and step kerf for handling
  • Variable step groove that allows for more secure and safer cornering

If you’re looking for a set of new winter tires for your vehicle this winter season. The RW11 i-Pike made by Hankook is a fantastic choice. They will have you feeling confident and control of your vehicle while driving.

Check out Hankook’s warranty here

Firestone’s Winterforce 2 UV is a fantastic studdable winter tire. They’re made for any pickup truck, SUV and CUV owners. That needs dependable traction and handling when driving any road conditions.

The Winterforce 2 UV built with a directional tread pattern. That pattern works along with a cold-weather rubber tread compound. This allows for an amazing road grip in even the coldest weather.

These studdable winter truck tires. Boast amazing acceleration and braking abilities along with added road traction. This is due to the full-depth high-density sipes. Located around the tread, the open shoulder slots and wider lateral grooves. The wide grooves help in gripping wet and slushy roads while preventing hydroplaning.

If you feel that the tires aren’t providing enough road traction, you can equip them with TSMI #11 winter studs.

  • Very smooth ride with minimal road noise
  • Amazing handling and cornering on dry, wet, snow and ice
  • Exceptional ice and snow traction for improved braking and acceleration

The Firestone Winterforce 2 UV studdable winter tires are an excellent choice. For anybody in the colder climates that have to worry about bad snowy road conditions. With the incredible handling and improved cornering that these tires offer. You’re sure to feel confident whenever you get stuck driving in bad conditions.

Check out Firestone’s warranty information here

For the best winter tires for performance in the ice, snow and extreme cold. It’ll be specific to the type of driving that you do and what conditions you drive in the most. Listed above are some amazing options to put on your vehicle this year. However, be sure to pick the right tire that fits your unique needs.

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Yes, winter tires are well worth the money if you have a cold winter season. Winter tires are made differently than all-season tires allowing them to perform better in snow, on ice and in cold weather.

Your all-season tires should be replaced with winter tires whenever the temperature drops below 7°C (45°F). Below this temperature all-season tires begin to lose their stiffness.  Meanwhile, winter tires will offer increased performance in braking, traction and handling.

In the winter, you need a softer tire for the cold weather with treads designed for traction in the snow. When manufactured, winter tires get special silica like compounds baked into them. This helps to keep them flexible for the best traction in the snow and cold.. Winter tires are softer than all-season tires and have saw-toothed edges called sipes. These sipes spread apart while pushed into the snow. Providing tight snow on snow contact point for your tires.

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