The automotive industry is making its vehicles with an increased amount of electronics. While advancement and all the new features are nice additions. They bring the risk of more components that may break or get damaged from moisture.

A majority of the wiring for the electrical components are underneath the flooring. Without the proper protection, the liquid and dirt can build up and sink into the floor. This will bring damage to your electronics that could have been easily avoided.

That’s why floor mats are such a great addition to put in your vehicle.

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Floor mats are such a tiny addition to your pickup truck. But, having custom fitting floor mats for your interior can make a world of a difference.

Quality custom fitting pickup truck floor mats save you money. They help vehicle owners to slow the resale value decline.

Often times we overlook the amount of protection our floor mats offer us. But they provide a wide range of benefits that help in protecting your vehicle.

Two recommended brands of floormats HuskyLiners Floor Mats and WeatherTech Floor Mats.

Quality floor mats like WeatherTech and HuskyLiner are custom-fit for your vehicle. This ensures that your interior has the greatest sealing where water penetrates most. Preventing damage to the wiring inside.

There is a variety of floormat styles and options available for the majority of vehicles. The different styles offer different levels of protection. When buying yourself floormats be sure to get the option that fits your needs.

There are different levels of protection that other styles of floor mats offer. Perfect for giving your vehicle the amount of protection needed from the elements.

Floor mats are a necessity for any vehicle. They protect the vehicle from the harmful effects of the weather, snow, mud etc.

The design and material of car floor mats are great moisture and dirt barriers. Stopping damage and stains to the permanent carpet in your vehicle.

Having this barrier of defence between the rug in your truck and the dirt. There’s no need to worry about damaging electronics and the dirt building up in the rug.

If you’re looking for floor protection options that provide protection along edges. Take a look at floor liners.

Universal floormats are a good choice for any vehicle owner that wants to add protection. These offer pretty solid protection to dirt, debris and liquids. But, since they get designed for use in many vehicles. They don’t allow that tight seal to some areas like custom floormats would.

If you own a used truck, car or van and want the basic amount of protection look no further than universal mats.

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MotorTrend provides a couple of great aftermarket options for universal floormats. Looking for heavy-duty protection? HD Flextough Rubber Mats are great for anyone that always brings a mess into their vehicle.

Constructed from PVC rubber they’re very strong against the cold and the heat. They have a secure backing that traps liquids. Also, these mats have edges to trim for customize sizing to your vehicle giving a better fit.

If you’re looking for a deeper mat that traps in even more liquids and debris. Check out their Deep Contour Universal Floor mats as well.

Weathertech created a universal floor mat that you can trim to fit your vehicle.

WeatherTech AVM floor mats are Trim-To-Fit, this is a great design with lots of options to fit your truck or car.

Put the floor mats in your vehicle how they’re going to get placed. Then, mark where the floor mats need trimming to fit your car.

Offering the best protection specific to the model of vehicle you own. Custom floor mats are the top choice for any automotive owner that wants the most defence.

With custom fitting floor mats there’s no need to worry about damage from liquids or debris. They’ll stop it from getting into little areas and the rugs as the tight fit create an effective seal.

Custom car and truck floor mats tend to be a bit more expensive. But, spending the extra money on quality custom fitting floor mats can save you money later on down the road.

Having the added protection from the tight seal saves the permanent rugs on the floor. This will slow down the decline of resale value. Also, designed for your make and model of the vehicle ensures that they fit the interior adding a nice look to it.

WeatherTech floormats are a great custom fit for any vehicle. Before you buy be sure that you are purchasing the right ones specific to your make and model.

The contour of the floor liner prevents any liquids from leaving the mat getting into the rug. Also, stopping the wear and tear from getting in and out of the vehicle.

One of the most beneficial aspects of WeatherTech’s custom design. They have a lip that covers the edge of the floor to seal where the door meets the floor. Meanwhile, the design of the mat allows for easy cleaning of the water and debris.

Durable, quality and guaranteed protection. WeatherTech custom floormats are always a great choice for any vehicle owner.

HuskyLiner floormats are like WeatherTech. They are another very high-quality floor mat that offers lots of protection to your car.

HuskyLiner Weatherbeater floormats have a contoured design trapping liquids. Allowing for them to be easily cleaned after.

Their custom-fit style prevents the liquids from getting into the seals. They even have a form fit edge that goes over the door jamb for an even extra added layer of protection.

These floor mats are very easy to maintain. Spray them off and leave them to air dry. Once dry you can return them to your vehicle and you’ll have a clean looking interior once again.

Another high quality and lower-cost alternative to the HuskyLiners and WeatherTech floormats.

SmartLiners, these floor liners are high quality and durable. They feature a contour to prevent liquids and debris from getting to the rug. Also, they are very easy to clean after travels.

A great choice if you want to spend less than you would for other top brands. While still receiving a high level of added protection to your interior.

Floormats are a necessity in every vehicle. Whether you choose to go with the custom floormats or universal floormats. That’s up to your preference and how much protection you need.

They offer a great extra layer of protection to the permanent rug below. Preventing resale value from dropping and preventing water damage.

Floor Mats are a flat rubber with no raised lips or edges.

Floor Liners are molded to the contours of the vehicle floor and have edges that run up the sides for more protection.

You can stop your car floor mats from sliding around in a variety of ways.

  • Double-sided tape
  • Velcro
  • Snaps
  • Screw them to the floor
  • Floor mat clips
  • Drapery hooks

Floor mats are made out of primarily vinyl, rubber and carpet fiber.

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