Our Mission

Our goal with the creation of TrucksResource, is to provide resources to help out  fellow pickup truck enthusiasts such as myself,  regardless of the make and model of their truck, save as much money as they possibly can in order to achieve the custom pickup truck of their dreams.  You  can be sure you’re getting the best quality aftermarket pickup truck accessories and learn to do it yourself saving money on shop fees by using the resources found throughout our site. Such as, custom aftermarket truck accessory guidesproduct comparison, DIY automotive guides and plenty of other content that is sure to be useful to anybody looking to add a unique style or added protection to their pickup. 

At TrucksResource, we’re just like you, why would we want to spend the extra money for lower quality products or when there’s no need to waste hundreds of extra dollars on a truck part that may potentially be of a lesser quality just because it’s OEM. Aftermarket parts are available through 1000’s of different manufacturers throughout the globe based on make and model, universal truck parts, custom made truck accessories, etc. However, since there’s so many different options to choose from when we’re choosing an aftermarket product that you may be taking a gamble on a cheap part or you may need to do hours upon hours of research. That’s where you can rest easy and leave the information collection up to use at TrucksResource. 

 We’re passionate about getting the most value and the best quality aftermarket parts possible per dollar spent of your money, saving you even more money to add additional custom pickup truck accessories that were potentially out of your budget beforehand. Our team will compile all of the necessary and available resources that we can access to lead you to your own educated decision before purchasing any aftermarket truck parts.


Guaranteed to find Buyer’s Guide’s that save you money and DIY Guide’s to become mechanically efficient enough to do your own maintenance and repairs yourself. But, not only are you going to find essential information that will be useful for all of your automotive needs, you’ll be sure to find guides on related subjects that go hand in hand with custom pickup trucks. Subjects such as, camping, fishing, RV, Travel Tips to Save Money anything that involves truck we strive to be your number 1 go to resource.

Going forwards we aim to provide the following useful content:

Whether you drive a Dodge, Chevy, Ram, Ford, Chyrsler, GMC, etc. You can be sure that we will always provide you best guides to ensure that you’re purchasing the best quality aftermarket truck accessories and be 100% sure that you’re getting the best value per dollar and the best quality at a great value, that lasts you for years to come.

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Jordan DaSilva

Owner Of TrucksResource And Truck Enthusiast